Donít Be Shy At A Job Fair
By Mike Bowman   

why go to job fairWhatís the number one reason the pretty girl didnít go out with you in high school? Itís not because of the car you drive, the college you attended, or where you used to work. Itís because you didnít ask her out! Essentially the same problem can happen when your job hunting. If you donít ask for the job you probably arenít going to get a job offer.

What your silence says to employers.
Why donít guys ask the pretty girl for a date or the employer for a job? They are afraid of rejection. So they wait for someone to ask them. The problem with the ďsit, wait, and hope strategyĒ is that an employer can take your lack of initiative in asking for the job as an indication that you:
-Canít close a sale
-Canít be assertive and speak up in stressful situations at work
-Are not highly interested in this job.
If the employer believes any of these to be true you can pretty much be sure that you will not get a job offer not matter how hard you hope for a call.

Really want to get a job offer at the next job fair you attend? Then don't be bashful. Donít be pushy, but rather be professionally persistent. You are there to get a job or at least a job interview, where you can further explain why you are ideal candidate. Employers are attending the job fair to offer jobs. Everyone knows why the other one is there. So don't hesitate to ask for either another interview or a job offer! Remember, it never hurts to ask!

Some phrases you can use.
Are you the person who sets up interviews?
Who can I send additional information about my qualifications to?
Who can I call in order to set up a time to come in and fill out an application?
Who should I ask for when I come in to fill out an application?
Do you have an application I can fill out now?
Can we set up an interview?
When can I start?!

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