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Southwestern Community College Career FairThursday, March 31, 2016
Community Job Fair 9am to 12pm
Southwestern Community College
447 College Drive
Sylva, North Carolina 28779
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List of participating employers:
Aflac, Asheville Police Department, Autism Society of North Carolina, BAYADA Home Health Care - Haywood County, BB&T, Clear Defense Sales Team, Division of Community Corrections, Drake Enterprises, Fulenwider Enterprises, Inc., Grandview Manor Assistive Living Center, Harrahs Cherokee Casino Resort, Harris Diversified Services, Inc, Wendys.com, Harris Regional Hospital, Haywood Regional Medical Center, Holiday Inn Express, Jackson County Transit, Liberty Corner Enterprises, Lowe's, Mary Kay, Maxim Healthcare Services, Methodist Home for Children, Mission Health, Mountain Home Health Services, Nanatahala Outdoor Center, NC Department of Commerce Workforce Solutions, NCDPS, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, North Carolina State Highway Patrol, Pardee Hospital, Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Hickory NC, Rafting In The Smokies, REACH of Macon County, Ridgecrest Conference Center, SCC Admissions, SMS Integration, Southeastern Grocers, Southwestern Community College, Stanberry Insurance, Trillium Links and Lake Club, Waffle House Inc., Wells Fargo Bank, Western Carolina University, WNCC WFSC RADIO, YMCA of Western North Carolina

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Job fair tip: Before you even hand your resume, recruiters are assessing you as a candidate. Your appearance is vitally important as most people (whether right or wrong) look at your outward appearance as a reflection of your personality. So make sure how you look is sending the right message!
1. What's on your face? Perhaps the most important thing you can wear to a job fair is a smile. A smile makes you look approachable, and you definitely want recruiters approaching you!
2. How you walk. How you walk can tell someone if you are energetic or apathetic. Are you walking with your head up and shoulders back, or are you dragging your feet and looking at the floor?
3. What you are wearing. It is very important to dress for the event. Most job fairs require business attire. Dressing appropriately tells hiring managers you take your job search seriously and will represent yourself professionally in front of their customers.

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